Finance for college students from BC Columbian local entirely- or part-time graduate or undergra

About BC college loans

If you should be an Uk Columbian citizen in full- or part-time grad or undergrad investigations at UBC, authorities student loan service may be out there.

BC residence need

Pupils are actually classified either as reliant or free to discover residency and financial requirement.


People are staying influenced by a monetary recruit, for instance their parent(s), unless these people see one or more on the factor for separate condition as described below.


College Students are considered unbiased should they meet more than one of the preceding conditions:?

Married regarding the first day of tuition, or split, divorced, widowed, parents, or one particular parent

Being of alternate school for four several years (48 months) as of day one of classes

Have got spent two point of 12 successive many months each into the full time labor force (a minimum of 32 plenty in a week) whilst not simultaneously being a full time scholar obtaining funding throughout the Canada Student Loans system

Do not have any people (e.g., the student’s parents have actually passed on)