Because you’ve dismissed myself whenever I’ve expressed for you three times this week.

‘ I’ve didn’t rinse pants/make food/have sexual intercourse with someone who can’t even be annoyed to help remedy me personally like I’m another personal residing in their home.’

Maybe he or she merely would like browse in tranquility? It isn’t really ridiculous

It is possible that he’s selfish. Also, it is quite possible that he’s raddled – it can be hard-living with anyone who has MH trouble and needs most psychological help. In addition to that because you don’t seem to love your definitely and it’s not entirely ridiculous which he isn’t going to seem like putting themselves over to heed the grievances.

Even if he will be finding it hard to manage my own issues he ought not to dismiss your. He can staying exhausted nevertheless present help. May appear to be a dick tbh.

Hold on – wherein do OP say she’s consistently talking?

WRT the point concerning this are tough to help somebody with ongoing MH issues – yes actually. But this may not a recently available things, op states it has been occurring foor several years. Switch it round. Couldn’t you’re feeling low if an individual that is supposed to really like and maintain your has actually effortlessly really been overlooking your for several years?